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Funny Pictures From December 10th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

Perfect gift for the ex...

I feel a little weird grabbing this door handle

I guess we're taking the scenic route

What were his parents thinking?

Willy Warmers

Step One: Cut a hole in the box

My roommates got me this in response to the 7000 light Christmas Tree I bought

Meeting grandma at the airport to embarrass her with this sign

I will free all of my people!

This guy has a kick ass ex-wife

Reading my daughter's Christmas list and I almost choked on my burger

They've got a brush for everything

"You are the father!"

This wet floor sign at the aquarium

Bout Tree Fiddy

A real American superhero

Re - Tired

When somebody's telling a story and making it more suspenseful than it really was and you know better because you were there too.

That dude's got a big cannon

Shut the fuck up

Tell us who hurt you NYC sanitation advertising man...

Wearing red isn't always a good thing

Dammit Calvin

The Cheez-It Cat

Except there is...

I get a little freaked out touching this door knob

We don't judge

My dad got a divorced cake made