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Funny Pictures From December 11th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

This is how beans fell asleep last night

Blue's been scribbling where he shouldn't have been scribbling

This dude photo shopped a killer whale and a bird together

Just napping... not overdosed!

"Arms up or I'll shoot"

Sani-Cloth is coming to town

This guy in front of me used a Twix for a pillow

Just another day in the life of the neighborhood UPS man

Our cat is afraid of tangerines so I used them to erect a force field to keep her out of the Christmas tree

My wife's sense of humor everybody...

Lane 8 can go ahead and stop inside for a break and some refreshments

The winner from of ugly sweater Christmas party

Fridge/Freezer clean out day

I don't have a tree, but I do have Christreena Aguilara

Just another hallway in our hotel, nothing to see here...

Here comes Santa-Claws

My Magneto paper clip holder

My buddy's dog likes chilling in his tree

I didn't do it and I don't know who did, but I like it...

I will never in my life have an opportunity to take a picture this savage

There will never be a better moment