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Funny Pictures From December 12th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

My niece apparently doesn't like the Grinch

Just bought a clean PC


Husky or seal?

"Oh boy!"

If I had 100 friends

Who said chivalry was dead?

My buddy's girlfriend made this cup for work...

My buddy's family always sends out funny Christmas cards and this is 2019's.

Say what?

I'm a millennial and I'm sick, so I decided I'd try and take the toilet paper industry down with me

Our motion sensor light switch at work is broken so this is what we came up with to make the light stay on until maintenance comes to fix it

I love this restaurant

Yeah... this has it's own punchline

How do you like your butt nuggets? Scrambled? Over easy?

Tell your mom I said "Hi!"

This guy is fucking awesome

Just another day in the royal family

Advertising genius!

Well, at least he tried

Siri gets jealous

"You are the father"

Poor Benny

Micro-thoft Excel

Be careful what you tell your cats about Egypt

Harvey Weinstien working on his Oscar nomination

The Sistine Chapel the way it should've been

How about of the decade?

The second Breakfast Club

Saying goodbye to a friend

So this is how the dinosaurs went extinct

Way to go Mr. Wick... wrong universe!

More importanter

Just a quick run to the store for formula