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Funny Pictures From December 13th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

This display at our local Lowes

Well, they're not wrong

But all I wanted was a doughnut...

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Florida as fuck

Dog is god spelled backwards

Spotted this on a mini van this morning

The retro version is here

"Jump on your back and carry things I can"

Calvin and Hobbes courtesy Disney+

She's got some explaining to do

Don't make me...

This may be against regulations

Tell The Dude we found his rug

When you divide by ZERO

Didn't have enough Christmas lights so I used my Halloween dog eating what I did have

That a big stream Santa

Cyber truck spotted in the wild

Santa's reindeer

Do what?

It's reindeer season bitches

Boldly fucking your shit up

Now we're safe!

AA done right

This funny sentence on the underside of the bottle cap

It all started with just a kiss

The X-box version X

This proves Die Hard is a Christmas movie

This kid beat the system


I went to go break up with my girlfriend after a 2 week split and she handed me this for a Christmas present

The first punch is thrown in our family's "most offensive Christmas card contest"

Gotta get it home somehow

When somebody asks me how my day at work went


Found this sign in Denver, Colorado

The local police department put this up on their Facebook page and I guarantee that at least one person will use it

After a night of heavy drinking

And they could have named it anything else...

The greatest team up in history

Morning coffee just got real expensive

So that's how it happened!