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Funny Pictures From December 15th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

Caught my cat practicing magic when I got home from work today

Please leave!

The food is late, human

My Co-Workers Christmas sweaters

Rate my setup...

This liquor store

Finally got my Christmas tree up!

Starting a new job and this was the good bye cake from the old job

Found on a bus in Germany

I told my wife to stop leaving hair in the shower or she'd be sorry

The IT guy from work made his own Christmas tree

Would you like a receipt?

The winning gingerbread house

Comrade Kitty

Steve Carrell before and after marijuana

No blowing your whistle

They clearly didn't think this all the way through

Joke's on you because I don't have a job

Well that's not very reassuring

Spotted this sign in my buddy's neighborhood


I asked for a joke on the pizza box

Learning how to cope

We feed your fat asses

Our son needed an ugly Christmas sweater for a party tonight and this was the result

I feel oddly targeted by my fortune cookie

Somebody in the lab forgot to wear the proper shoes

When the milk goes bad...

Our cat demolished the Christmas tree

Mom never got tired of taking baby pictures

My brother asked me to make him a Christmas card

Day 66: They think I'm one of them