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Funny Pictures From December 16th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

Doing anything for a cyber truck

Yeah... I think I'll pass

My wife told me this morning her mom backed into our garage. I hope it's not a huge dent...

Stop it!

Our first Christmas with cats

Quality cock since 1922

Another unrealistic body expectation

We had a problem with the cats fucking with our Christmas tree so my wife came up with a quick fix, checkmate assholes

My neighbor's response to the Homeowner Association's request that he take his Halloween decorations down and replace them with Christmas ones

Wilderness survival kit

Staying at an AirBnb and found this in the bathroom

Just trying out the new dating app Timbr

Rearranged my wife's maternity pillows... I believe I'm ready for fatherhood

Just try 'em

Presenting the middle child... while all the other kids play in the background she poses with a dead squirrel

You had one job, cat...

Russian police arresting an Australian man

My cousin was asked to bring a potato dish

The acronyms may be a bit confusing

St. Louis isn't taking your shit!

Cats and tats