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Funny Pictures From December 17th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

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OMG get me outta this fucking snow!

Great job! Go smoke another one bro...

Finally decorated the Christmas Tree, spent hours on it

Dad built this so the dogs will stop trying to eat the Christmas gifts

Built to confuse and amuse

On the cat scale one through nine, how do you feel today?

This hearse driving around town

The only way to spread salt

Didn't know what to get my girlfriend for Christmas so I checked her browser history and bought a gift accordingly. She's going to love it!

The calm before the storm

Friendship is like...

Captain obvious strikes again!

Hanging out with my tall friends

This hunter down the street finally hung his Christmas lights

How to get more likes on Instagram

Also, the bridge is out

The best Christmas tree topper ever!

My husband randomly got this fortune cookie after I gave him his birthday card

"Don't you wanna win, kid?"

Fucking bananas...

Found a picture of my ex in a museum

The Russian sense of humor

Got the wrong "honey"

The best Christmas decorations ever