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Funny Pictures From December 18th, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

Hopefully my co-worker won't get mad

Or so he thought

Thanks bro!

Accept the cookies

It's already dead...

Damn, that's a big cock

This stubborn squirrel

When you save all your Amazon boxes throughout the year and then set them all outside the door right before Christmas for your husband to find

My friend took her pug to the vet and this is the resulting X-ray

This fortune cookie my husband got after lunch

And all this time I've been using alcohol...

Every year we try to capture the essence of raising children for our Christmas cards

Got the Christmas Tree all sorted out for this year

This dude is thick as fuck

Subtle, real subtle...

When dad does the grocery shopping

The best of Bob Ross

Brave wearing real fir in public

Same Santa, different decade

AA's new slogan

Secret Santa gifting a rolling pin and two cake molds

We felt bad for the little guy at the Christmas tree lot

Sitting in front of a dead tree

The kids thought they could sneak into the freezer and eat all the ice cream after I went to sleep, they thought wrong

Gift wrapped $25 in quarters for a white elephant present

The lovebird ripeness chart

If you insist...