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Funny Pictures From December 22nd, 2019 | Age of the Geek Magazine

Well, I tried...

Brain plotting revenge

Both ends of the politeness spectrum covered

I really don't mind the company, but why is the toilet paper so far away?

Me and my phone

The four elements

My buddies Christmas sweater

CVS is self-aware

This bar's dress code

Immortality potions for sale

Spotted this in the town my dad lives in

"And the profits will be used for more warning signs"

California explained

My sister sent me this picture of a dog that graduated from the obedience class she teaches. He looks super thrilled to be finished...

So much for childhood

Stumbled across this on Facebook Marketplace

These are good Pho-King dumplings

Proof that cats think they are gods


Do you feel lucky now, punk?


The cats of Star Wars


Texted the wrong number, oops...

Had to pull over and take a picture of this moment... 2 BOOBS