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Funny Pictures From December 6th, 2019 | Age Of The Geek Magazine

She will not let it go

I work in a call center and normally I draw my callers, but today I went the other way with it

I put eyebrows on my duffel bag

My DIY Miley Cyrus wrecking ball ornament. My wife hates it...

Another D.O.T. gem

My co-workers everybody

My dad sent me this picture of the McDonald's drive thru in my Texas hometown

This stoner airline

When good elves go bad

The neighbor's cat looking through my bathroom window

Man I loved candy cigarettes. Circa 1984...

My friend asked me to make a holiday photo for him to send out as a counter to all the family Christmas photos he receives

My sister microwaved a bagel for 10 minutes

My buddy fosters dogs for a local shelter and they asked him to send them a picture of this one and this was what he sent them...

Every year a give gifts based around my dog and this year it's going to be slippers

We will train

I took my dog to get a picture with Santa and he ate him