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Funny Pictures From November 29th, 2019 | Age Of The Geek Magazine

Awww... you're so sweet

My wife found this book at a yard sale

So, how's the ham looking?

My Thanksigiving monstrosity

You had one job

Our family is so big we had to eat in the garage

This phone repair ad

Disney has gone so far that they are now making toys of the character's stunt doubles

When your entire family is 5'5" and your 6'5"

Never leave the keys inside your armored car

Every year our family has a potato peeling contest and the winner gets to keep the trophy until the next year

I couldn't wait to start opening the Advent calendar

Grandma baked a pie and it was supposed to have lighthouse and leaves on it

Ron and Harry on their Thanksgiving flight home

This is my optometrist's monitor. Should I be concerned?

My sister-in-law's first time making the turkey. I think it may be overdone...

This is me on Thanksgiving